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    Effective Communication in the Medical Field

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    Efficient communication in the medical field is very important, especially between patients and the doctor or medical assistant.

    Explain the basic process of effective communication. Discuss the importance of communication in providing excellent customer service. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of effective communication in the medical environment, and discuss how nonverbal communication plays a role in the communication process and provide examples.

    Create a scenario in which effective communication was utilized and achieved. Also, create a scenario in which effective communication was not utilized or achieved, and explain what went wrong.

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    The basic process of effective communication involves a sender or source of communication, that is knowledgeable and experienced in the information that is being communicated to one or more individuals. Due to the fact that the sender or source of the initial communication is the catalyst by which the communications process is facilitated, it is pertinent that the source or sender, has the subsequent knowledge base of information that is to be communicated in order for that to be a high probability of reception by the receiver of the information. The basic process of effective communication also involves the selection and transmission of the words and or signs that are composed for the effective transmission of the message to the receiver. For effective communication to take place, the sender must select the most appropriate words for use in this process, as well as the accompanying positive body language that will serve to reinforce the verbal message. Effective ...