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    Conventional VS Holistic Management

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    I need some help answering some of the following questions:
    1. What is the difference between conventional management and holistic management?
    2. What are the possible impacts of both conventional and holistic management on society and the environment?
    3. What are some comparative conventional and holistic models?
    4. How does agriculture contribute to holistic management?
    5. How does the medical field contribute to holistic management?

    I need these questions answered in a 3 and ½ page document in APA format with at least 4 references.

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    1. Differences between Conventional Management and Holistic Management
    Conventional management and holistic management are different management concepts. In conventional management, there are several tools available for alteration of any one of ecosystem processes. These tools are categorized into four broad categories: rest, fire, living organism and technology. On the other hand, holistic management is categorized into some other categories that are animal impact, grazing rest, fire, living organism and technology. Holistic management is system thinking approach that is quite effective to manage the organizational resources (Baker & Hart, 2008). It improves biodiversity, production, and quality of life as well as generates the financial strength and sustainability of the organization. Holistic management is concerned with the organic way and interprets and embodies the actions of the organization, whereas conventional management does not work in the organic way.

    At the same time, holistic management is concerned with the perspectives of the whole under management that is quite significant to make all the management decisions. Holistic management provides a new decision making framework to take economic, social and environmental decisions in short run as well as long run (Evensky & Katz, 2006). In contrast, conventional management wisdom underlines over-reductionalism and specialism that create problems to translate decisions into actions. Holistic approach is dependable on identification, anticipation and satisfaction of consumers and society with the beneficial and sustainable way.

    2. Impact of Conventional and Holistic Management on Society and Environment
    Conventional and holistic management both have a great impact on the society and the environment. Both of these increase the financial value with the purchase for the sociality and environment. In addition, conventional and holistic approach is concerned with the ecosystem processes to make effective decisions (Christopher, 2007). These improve environmental impacts by contributing in the better functioning of ecosystem processes. They also provide the positive social impacts and improve the quality of life for all the people, who live in the society. The decision making process is improved by using both of these management ...

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    Conventional versus holistic management is examined. How the medical field contributes to holistic management is determined.