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    Holistic Management Visual Mapping

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    I need some assistance with a holistic management topic.

    A visual map is a process of translating visual thinking onto paper. A visual mapper combines words and images to create a visual record of the spoken and written words - literally revealing the "big picture."

    I will need assistance visual mapping that links appropriate holistic management criteria: tools, ideas, theories, and strategies.

    Also, what criteria can be most workable (or implemented) for most organisations?

    To do this, you must develop a solid rationale by which to organize the information. Also, you must clearly and concisely describe how the elements in your visual map relate to each other and to the development of a holistic management strategy.

    Please also write a visual map of the concepts. The visual map may take whatever form is most suitable for communicating the project. It can be a model, a schematic diagram, a decision matrix, a feedback loop, or any other form that is appropriate to the content.

    Really appreciate any help on this one!

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 801 words with references.

    // We will discuss various holistic management criteria tools, theories, ideas and strategies in this section. This section will also link visual map to the holistic management approach. Along with this, development of a holistic management strategy will also be mentioned in this section, so that purpose can properly be understood.//

    Visual mapping (See file)

    Feedback loop (See file)

    It is reasonable to assume that holistic management criteria tools, theories, ideas and strategies all are interrelated. Holistic management explains about a methodical thinking approach to manage the different resources. It constructs biodiversity, develops sustainability, recovers production, advances the quality of life and produces financial strength. Holistic management develops a new decision-making framework, which most of the managers utilizes (Holistic Management, 2011).

    The visual map describes that holistic management approach mainly consists four kinds of management practices in it. These management practices are internal management, integrated management, performance management and relationship management. All these kinds of management practices link holistic management in a direct or indirect manner (Holistic Strategic Management Framework, 2010).

    It is pertinent to mention that elements in a visual map relate to each other in various senses. Performance management can become better in its practice, when all the employees perform well in an organization. Likewise, relationship management also enhances in its process, when all the employees show co-operation with each other. Teamwork is also a positive element in this holistic management approach (Holistic Management Overview, 2012).

    Furthermore, feedback loop in holistic management is also crucial. It contains plan, monitor, control and replan. Accommodation, diversion, assimilation and conversion all are vital elements of holistic goal. The quadrant model of holistic management includes diverging out for learning about the complete situation with the help of defining and mentioning a Whole under Management (Christopher, 2007).

    Under the feedback loop of holistic management, assimilation of relevant information occurs with several paradigms. After that, next element converts on sustainable solution with the help of testing questions. The last element of the feedback loop accommodates the solution and takes the action with the help of planning and management (Savory & Bingham, 1993).

    //In the next section, we will shed light upon a holistic management framework. This section is interconnected with the above section in the context of feedback loop. In addition with this, explanation will also be on areas where holistic management approach is applied in a quite appropriate manner. Some examples will also be provided, so that the reader can understand it completely.//

    Additionally, the holistic management framework utilizes the holistic objectives to conduct decision making. A feedback loop, planning procedure and testing and management guidelines guarantee a constant evaluation of the success of the various decisions. Holistic strategic management framework also includes the logistic support entities, supply networks and operating system. Thus, it fulfills expectation and requirements of the customers (Savory & Butterfield, 1998).

    Moreover, the holistic management framework gives significance to various factors. For instance, holistic management recognizes the animal play in renovating the land. It also recognizes the significance and the nature of four basic ecosystem processes. These processes are mineral cycle, water cycle, community dynamics and energy flow. The holistic management framework recognizes eight pertinent tools for directing ecosystem processes. These ecosystem processes are technology, human creativity, fire, technology, grazing, rest, living organism, labor, animal impact and money (Holistic Management, 2011).

    It is vital to note that holistic management is a model to improve and enhance various practices in an organization. Holistic management also includes holistic decision making and planning, which includes inventory obtainable resources. This practice also involves the details regarding: how to execute pertinent decisions, development of monitoring criteria, diagnosis of cause of problems, reduction of the waste and completing the feedback loop (Savory & Bingham, 1993).

    Apart from this, holistic management educates people about the crucial relationship between the grasslands and the large herds of wild herbivores. Two-way communications, organizational alignment, education and training, implementation, evaluation, sustaining, continuous improvement, leadership alignment all are also crucial factors under holistic management (Holistic Management Overview, 2012).

    In context to this, it is indispensable to mention that organizations, families, government agencies, individual, communities, government agencies and businesses can utilize the concept of holistic management. Holistic management honors and embraces the difficulty of nature and utilizes the relevant model to bring practical advances to the restoration and land management. The planning procedures fixed in the holistic management practice is planned to integrate the difficulty and then function with it. Thus, it is lucid from the above discussion that holistic management approach is imperative to implement in numerous processes (Holistic Strategic Management Framework, 2010).

    //Hope the assistance provided by me is sufficient to address the queries. It will surely help you better understand the topic discussed and enhance your knowledge. I am also including the references, from where I found the content. At the end, I wish you happy learning.//


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