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Common Applications of Cognitive Mapping

What are the common applications of cognitive mapping? Reference(s) needed

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*What are common applications of cognitive mapping?

Cognitive mapping is a techniques used to demonstrate imagined knowledge with some form of visual representation. It is a form of spatial cognition from which knowledge to answer specific questions is drawn from the visual representation. Sternberg (2006) provides a definition of cognitive mapping as "internal representation of our physical environment, particularly centering on spatial relationships. He further asserts that as humans we use three types of knowledge when using cognitive mapping that includes information on: (a) landmark [features, location, proportion], (b) route-based [pathways for moving], and (c) survey [distances between landmarks] (p. 263)...Cognitive mapping can involve individual and/or group participation, Based on these spatial representation knowledge is gained to answer specific questions. The ...

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This solution discusses common applications of cognitive mapping.