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How cognitive mapping might be applied to the improvement of long-term memory

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*How can cognitive mapping improve long-term memory?

Long-term memory is memory that is stored for a long period of time, or the knowledge based on what is remembered. For example, a person remembers how to take a similar route to work, or home is based on procedural knowledge such as remembering a route, or rats running in a maze](Sternberg, 2006). According to Sternberg (2006), the knowledge of symbols, objects, names, etc. are forms of representations based on cognitive maps defined as "internal representations of our physical environment" (p. 261). Further, he adds, cognitive mapping simulates spatial features of our external environment. Thus, spatial processing (or how we utilize and/or understand space and distance) is based on cognitive mapping.

In their study, Temple, Kosik & Steward (2002) provide an example of cognitive mapping ...

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This solution discusses how cognitive mapping is related to long-term memory.