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    Method for connecting the two buildings together for Akami

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    Assignment 1:
    1. Determine the best network media for the network in the new facility keeping in mind the growth aspect of the assignment. Support your decision by contrasting what you think is the best solution for the job, and the worst.
    2. Give the method for connecting the two buildings together for Akami to be able to use existing resources for each of the periods listed above. Do not forget that your budget is restricted for the first 10-12 months. Give a rationale for the solution you chose.
    3. Give a scenario where wireless networks will benefit Akami in this assignment. Is there one technology that is better than another? Contrast your answer to another option that you discovered but chose not to use.
    4. At what point do you think that the Win2K server and Internet connection should be moved over to the new facility? Why?
    5. What additional information do you think would have helped you determine the answers for questions 1-4 for this assignment?

    Assignment 2:
    1. Suggest a segregation scheme for the office traffic on your new Layer 2 switch so that none of the groups can see each other's traffic, and data broadcasts are kept to a minimum.
    2. Identify a file server solution, including the Operating System, keeping in mind that the only hardware you have is hand-me-down servers that have 512Mb of RAM and 250GB hard drives driven by a Pentium 3 500Mhz processor.
    3. Create a plan for hosting the company web site, including the Operating System you would use and how you would keep the traffic from everyone in the office from interfering with it.
    4. Develop an e-mail solution for 40 people. Research this one carefully because there are options out there that are quite reasonably priced and made to run on a VERY reasonably priced OS!
    5. Recommend a print server that is both cheap (oops, meant to say "cost effective") and can run on a minimal hardware configuration.

    Compile this information and present your findings to Mr. Akai in a memo format explaining to him what research you did, your findings in each of the above bullet points and your suggested solution for each. Be sure to make your communication to Mr. Akami both professional in nature and appearance. Be detailed about your solutions and if there appears to be an obvious solution (why didn't we just use Microsoft Exchange?) lead off the discussion by including the reasons why you ruled out the more obvious option.

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