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Collaboration Between Advertising Media and Creative

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I am seeking an answer incorporating the following article, why is it important that the advertising media and creative departments work closely together?

Narayanan, S., Desiraju, R., & Chintagunta, P. K. (2004). Return on investment implications for pharmaceutical promotional expenditures: The role of marketing-mix interactions. Journal of marketing, 90-105.

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Advertising media is imperative to bring forth a creative marketing message either through visuals, audio (radio), or the promotion element for increasing brand identity for clients. In the advertising agency the sole goal is a dedicated planning strategy for execution of creative ideas that hones on promotion in different Medias. Thus, the aim for advertising media is to showcase a mixture of ideas and innovation to delivering a company and/or brand message. The advertising media strategy is using different platforms that service the objective to highlighting the brand product or service, such as, mention in the article study and in the advertising industry:

- Direct to consumer (DTC) advertising
- Detailing (sales representatives detail in the client business)
- Magazines, and other print avenues with access to directly call 800#
- Television , that can direct advertise the product or service
- Radio, that can broadcast the product or service

In all, the marketing mix is interchangeable to provide a consistency to broadcasting the product and /or service through many Medias. By incorporating the article as a reference, the authors ; Sridhar Narayanan, Ramarao Desiraju, & Pradeep K. Chintagunta utilizes an empirically exploration into the "revenue ...

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A collaboration between advertising media and creatives are examined.

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