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    Develop a plan for your advertising, creative, and media strategies

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    Based upon the advertising objectives developed in your Learning Team Advertising Plan and Creative Brief, prepare a paper in which you develop a plan for your advertising, creative, and media strategies.

    Creative strategies that you will adopt to develop your campaign.
    A positioning statement for the campaign.

    Be sure to properly cite your references using the APA format. Please provide all references necessary.

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    Creative Strategies

    Creative strategy is the way to convey the message in attractive manner for developing the organizations' market as well as its reputation. Different creative strategies will be used to develop campaign (Anyanwu, 2009).
    Creative Pyramid Strategy: It will follow five steps; these are as follow:

    Attention: In this step of creativity, customer's psychological perception will be focused. A headline will be prepared according to the perception of customers. Creative ideas will be used to attract customer's attention (Foerster & Kreuz, 2007). In this manner, headlines, print media like newspaper, broadcasting media like radio, television, etc will be used for gaining the profit of customer's attention towards organization mind (Foerster & Kreuz, 2007).

    Interest: In this step of creative pyramid strategy, creativity will be developed to increase customers' interest as well as maintain their ...

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