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    Developing an Advertising Media Flowchart and Budget

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    Your client is a computer company of your choice. Choose 1 computer client. You can visit this Web site to find out more about various computer brands. You are designing the media plan throughout the session for your client.

    Develop the advertising media flowchart and budget.

    This week you are organizing your client's advertising media schedule. A sample flowchart is here:

    The following should be included in the plan:

    The schedule should include at least 4-5 media options with at least 2 online or digital channels.
    A media calendar should be added to the plan.
    A 1-year media schedule should be developed for your client.
    The plan includes these sections:

    Advertising Media Schedule
    Campaign overview
    Objectives and strategy
    12-month media schedule
    At least two digital media
    Traditional print options such as a display ad
    Direct response/mail campaign
    Television or radio commercials
    Organize the advertising plan: Use the information that you have compiled from Weeks 13 to organize the plan as follows. This week, compile the following components of the final media plan:

    The Cover Page
    Executive Summary
    Situational Analysis
    Marketing Mix (the 4 marketing Ps: product, price, place, and promotion)
    Survey Findings
    Target Markets
    The Creative Brief
    Media Objectives and Strategies
    Media Schedule

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    Running head: Advertising Plan


    Executive summary
    Dell is a leading player in computer industry and is aiming to increase product awareness, market share and organizational performance. The company intends to achieve this through advertising. The selected media options include print; newspapers and magazines, television, and online display ads and video ads. The targeted market includes personal computer users, businesses and the public sector. The message to be communicated is that Dell offers creative, affordable, reliable and high quality products that are helpful in various functions.
    Situational analysis
    As our client we believe that Dell can derive maximum power from advertising by having an effective plan. It is essential to understand your company in order to develop a plan that suits the company and this is achieved by conducting a situational analysis.
    Company analysis
    Dell is a major player in the computer industry that intends to increase its performance in the market. The company is responsible for designing, developing, manufacturing and selling information technology systems and services. Its products can be categorized into desktop computer systems, software and peripherals, mobility products, storage products and servers and networking products.
    Dell has managed to register strong market position and is a strong player in computer hardware segment. The company has established a reputation as one of the world's leading brands which can play a crucial role in attracting and promoting company products. The company has also been performing well in new markets such as Asia increasing revenue growth which has boosted overall company performance. Dell also has strength in the fact that it has a wide product portfolio thus the company can offer bundled offerings to customers thus ensuring company stability. A wide product portfolio guards the company against down turn in any product segment since poor performance in one segment can be off set by another segment.
    Dell has had some issues with product quality whereby it had to recall some products and this can be a challenge in advertising since customers may associate company products to poor quality. The advertising plan therefore has to ensure that the nature of advertisement carried communicates about product reliability and usefulness to customers.
    Competitor analysis
    The computer industry is highly competitive and it is therefore important to understand your competitors in order to develop effective strategies. Dell is a major player in the industry but it faces stiff competition from organizations such as Hewlett Packard Company, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo and IBM and these companies constitute about 60% of the entire market share. In 2007 Dell had an 18% share in PC segment after Hewlett Packard's 20% ...

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