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Advertising Media

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1-How does an organization choose the correct media for an advertising campaign? What factors must be considered?

2-What are the pros and cons of using radio media? Print media? Television? Digital media? Choose two and list the pros and cons of using each media for an advertising campaign (use 2 APA sources to support answer)

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This solution provides an explanation of how an organization can choose a media for their advertising campaign.

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Hello. I provide the following to assist you.

1. How does an organization choose the correct media for an advertising campaign?

An organization should conduct market research to find out what forms of media would be most beneficial for the company and its product or service.

"The characteristics by which different media outlets can be assessed include the following seven factors:
1.Creative Options
2.Creative Cost
3.Market Reach of Media
4.Message Placement Cost
5.Length of ...

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