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Factors affecting advertising campaign planning

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Identify and discuss some of the key factors that influence the planning and execution of an advertising campaign. Please explain how these factors affect different campaign decisions.

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Successful advertising campaigns require effective planning, design and execution. Advertisers need to take into consideration a host of factors that influence various campaign decisions. In this solution we will identify these factors and the role they play in the planning of a campaign.

1. Campaign Objective

Every advertising campaign has an objective to achieve and all campaign decisions must revolve around that objective. There is a common misconception that the objective of every campaign is to increase sales of the product or service being advertised. It is true that the ultimate goal of all marketing activities is to bring about a desirable level of increase in the sales volume and all components of the marketing mix make a contribution in this direction. However, each element of the mix has to have its own specific objective(s) which must guide all the strategies and tactics in that particular area and should also serve as a standard to measure performance in the end. According to the concept of DAGMAR (Defining Advertising Goals Measuring Advertising results), an advertising campaign should be evaluated on the basis of the goals assigned to it and not in terms of the sales increase alone. The campaign objective is always derived from the company's overall marketing goals and strategies. ...

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Successful advertising campaigns need careful planning and effective execution. There are a number of internal and external factors that campaign planners must take into consideration while taking various campaign decisions. The following five key factors are discussed in this solution:
1. Campaign objective
2. Nature of product or service
3. Target audience
4. Media to be used
5. Available funds

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