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Promotion Strategy

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In 2008, just a few months before the opening of the Beijing Olympics, Adidas launched a new promotional campaign. Evaluate Adidas' new promotional campaign and assess whether or not it will succeed.

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//As to mark the promotional strategy of the company 'Adidas', we have to first get an appropriate overview of the company. The product offering and the market position of the company is also needed to be discussed. We will be able to understand the main objective and market strategy of the company in the short run, before the opening of the Beijing Olympics. So, initially, we will discuss about the company's overview under the heading of Introduction, for example://


A Multinational Company, Adidas Ltd. Is recognized as the worldwide leader in 'sporting goods industry'. It came into existence in 1920 and their aim is to become the best shoe-manufacturer in the world. The headquarters of Adidas Group is at Herzogenaurach, Germany. This company provides a brand portfolio of its various products under the brands like Reebok. For improving the competitive position in the market & the financial performance, the strategy which the company adopts is to fortify the brands and products. Various products of the company are:

Adidas Reebok Taylor Made - Adidas Golf

Footwear Footwear Golf Equipment Metalwoods

Apparel Apparel Ironputters

Accessories Accessories Golf Balls etc.

This company is successfully running more than 150 branches all over the world. The headquarters of Reebok is situated in Canton, Massachusetts and Taylor Made- Adidas Golf is established in California. Adidas aims to enhance the quality, look, feel and image of its various products. It tries to cater the needs of its customer by meeting their expectations. They continuously review their marketing strategies so as to earn greater market share. With dynamic leadership, innovative personality and marketing strategies, the CEO of the company Herbert Hainer has made Adidas one of the largest 'sportswear manufacturer' across the globe (Adidas Group, 2008).

//Above, we attained a specific idea about the company and the market position. Now, we will discuss about the promotional campaign of 'Adidas' for short period of time; before the opening of the Beijing Olympics. It will be helpful in understanding the promotional strategy of the firm in an effective and efficient manner://

Promotional Campaign for Adidas

Every one knows about Adidas as a German sportswear company. In the span of its operations, the company has seen both ups and downs in its affluence. Till the 1990s, the company had built a concrete standing for its good quality sports footwear but after some time it started to face losses. After this loss, the company started paying attention to its marketing and promotional strategies so that it can gain maximum market share in the segment of sports footwear. The company had continuously spent ...

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