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Question about Communication Strategy

The product is wine
Australia is the foreign country
Mexico is the domestic

Evaluate factors you should consider when selecting the advertising campaign strategy (including media coverage, media timetable, budget, and specific advertising message), the sales promotion strategy to consumers, the sales promotion strategy to trade channel members, and the technology used to market the product or service.

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To start this off, consider the fact that the good life as is known within Mexico is within the Guadalupe Valley, which with its combination of moderate weather, constantly has new wine releases. The Mexican wine industry is dynamic and is always evolving in spite of global economic trends. Within this valley, new wine yards constantly emerge, with local visitors increasing on an annual basis. While international numbers of tourists are low, Mexicans are embracing the pursuit of creating world class wine consumption (Dryden, 2011).

On the other hand, Australia is renowned to have a high culture when it comes to wine. In England, Australia remains a market leader when it comes to objectivity within the wine market. Over the years, the Australian wine market has experienced international expansion when many other wine producing nations have experienced contraction (Australian Wine, n.d.).

In the selection of an advertising campaign strategy, for purposes of the product being ...

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Communication strategy factors are evaluated. How technology is used to market the product or service is determined.