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Managerial Communication Strategies

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Using the attached case study, please answer the following questions:

1. When did the first signs of communication problems surface at Carter's? What caused them?

2. What does Fred Carter need to understand about organizational culture so that he does not find himself in this position again?

3. Analyze this case in terms of the Corporate Communication Strategy Model.

4. Describe some formal and informal communication channels that Carter might be able to establish in order to improve morale at the stores.

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This job thoroughly examines Managerial Communication strategies.

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I will go through each of your four questions to help you understand each question and how it relates to this particular case study.

The first question deals with a lack of communication or miscommunication in general. The first thing we need to do is find out where in the process, did Carter make a decision to either limit or eliminate communication at his corporation. I suggest taking a look at the following statement made in this case study, "Because he had a lot of faith in their abilities, he did not think it was necessary to stay on top of operations to the extent he once had". This implies Carter was not only not staying on top of his operations, but that he was losing contact with his subordinates, therefore creating communication problems between the employee and the employer. Although not clearly stated, one may argue that the employees did not feel they had a superior that wanted to be involved in day to day situations. Another statement that can support this argument, is Carter's comment of, "He encouraged them to make decisions on their own....". Although this is a good representation of micromanagement, which can be very effective in businesses, if the employer does not clearly state what this means on a case by case basis, it can be construed as a desire for less communication between employee and employer. Based on my ideas above, this should help you tackle ...

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