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Managerial Role vs. Leadership Role

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Discuss the differences between the managerial role and the leadership role. Can the same person assume both roles simultaneously? Can you give an example of mismatched manager/leader roles? How would this complexity affect communication?

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Interesting questions! Let's take a closer look. I also attached two resources to consider.


1. Differences between the managerial role and the leadership role.

Managers do quite well manipulating the balance sheet and income statement, but they have a more difficult time with leadership concerns of morale and influence. To understand the difference managerial role and the leadership role, it helpful to look at the definition of a role, which is a fairly standardized behavior. In fact, a social role is, " An expected behavior for a given individual that relates to social status and social position." It's important to understand that one must also plays a role at work. For example, the Dictionary of Occupational Titles has thousands listed. Certain roles in work settings function almost as a class. These include: employees (or workers), manager, executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and stockholders. Within the executive class, we have the various c-levels: the CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, and so on (http://www.legacee.com/Info/Leadership/Management.html).

Managerial Role

Management focuses on work. We manage work activities such as money, time, paperwork, materials, equipment, etc. the managerial role focus more on:

· Planning
· Organizing,
· Controlling
· Coordinating
· Directing
· Budgeting
· Strategy
· Decision Making
· Problem Solving (http://www.legacee.com/Info/Leadership/Management.html).

Often, the first five (planning, organizing, controlling, directing, and coordinating) are listed in the management 101 texts as the major functions of management. Also, certain conceptual ...

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This solution discusses the differences between the managerial role and the leadership role and whether or not the same person can assume both roles simultaneously. By example, it also examines an example of mismatched manager/leader roles, such as how this complexity would affect communication. Supplemented with articles on leadership and comparing leadership and management.

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