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    Police Chief Role: Leader vs. Manager

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    Identify and explain the various types of leadership and managerial duties of a police chief that a search committee should be aware of in order to make a well-rounded decision.
    Analyze whether the new police chief should be a better manager of tasks and finances and whether the department could be run more efficiently with a chief with better business skills.
    Explain in the context of law enforcement whether management skills are more important than leadership skills. Explain how to ensure fairness and adherence to procedure.
    Explain whether assuming a leadership position in criminal justice is difficult or easier for individuals with business skills who also possess the experience necessary to handle important law-enforcement decisions.
    Analyze whether a good manager could also be a good leader or vice versa. Explain if the concepts of leadership and management can be considered in isolation from each other. Provided rationale for the answers.

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    3. Management vs. Leadership - 100 words
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    Leadership in Policing

    The role of a Police Chief (PC) involves leading his team and managing their unit/organization to maximize the resources they have (as they can be limited) and ensure that the organization achieves its tasks and goals. Leadership styles/types are similar across organizations as follows (Johnson, 2015) - laissez faire (provides little supervision and assumes that all members are capable and require no management/assistance), autocratic (does not provide room for decisions without supervision from subordinates - power alone comes from the chief), participative/democratic (allows staff to voice opinions and participate in the ...

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