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Townscape Police Budget Scenario

This is group project... 4 pages, I'm totally lost on this one. If you could help me in here I wuold be more than happy!!!

The City Manager would like the council members to gather in groups of 3-4 to review Townscape's current fiscal year police budget and the needs of Townscape as highlighted in the scenario. Each council member in the group will be required to take a section of the Townscape police proposed budget for the next fiscal year and will be the designated sub-committee chairperson for that department.

Review Townscape's needs as highlighted in the scenario. Use the following two sheets for the Townscape Police budget. The first spreadsheet 08-09 Townscape Police Budget is the approved budget for the current fiscal year. The second spreadsheet 09-10 Townscape Police Budget is the proposed budget requested by the chief of police. These resources will help you determine whether additional services and personnel are warranted or if significant budgetary cutbacks are required.

Part One

You are to take the role of a city councilperson on the budget committee. In your role, discuss on the small group discussion board with the other council members and reach a compromise on a 3% across the board budgetary increase. You will notice that the Chief has requested a sizable increase to meet the needs of the community. It is approximately 7% over the previous year. The Chief must factor in a 4% contractual raise that is in the patrol officer and sergeant's collective bargaining agreement. The Chief has been informed to hold the overall increase to 3% because of the problems with revenue this year. In addition, the Chief is trying to add a couple of officers to address the growing community's needs. There are a myriad of policy issues that must be addressed by the city council. The decision of whether or not to cut public safety is critical and must be balanced with the needs of the fire department, public works and administration.

Step 1: Each group member submits a spreadsheet to your group.

Step 2: Complete 4 page write-up of the conversations, concerns, rationales for decisions, etc.


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Basically, this assignment is asking for your group to sit down and think about this new budget vs the current one. As you can see, it's a big jump. In fact, I took out my red pen and started marking up the new budget proposals. The only thing you can't really touch is the salaries of Sergeant and Patrol Officer. In fact, the chief is undercutting those positions by 1%. It's never a good idea to short-pay your officers, especially when you have an agreement with them. One of my reccomendations, personally, would be to up that back to a 4% increase. When I look at it ...

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