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Details: The City Manager of Townscape discovers that one of the city council members has been giving information from executive sessions to a friend who is bidding on a large city contract for a new river crossing. The council member was the swing vote on the board that helped to hire the manager. The project is important to the city and will help to improve its image and make it a contender for a new development on the far side of the river. If the City Manager launches an internal investigation, the city is sure to lose the opportunity for the project as well as any state and federal funds to help pay for the bridge.

The City Manager needs to consider the pros and cons of blowing the whistle on the council member. Because you have excelled in your work thus far and have won over the City Manager's trust, he turns to you for counsel. How can this potentially impact the economic future of the city? What advice do you give to the City Manager taking into consideration the entire good of Townscape?

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The response addresses the queries posted in 625 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 625 words with references.

// The City of Townscape is looking for improving its image by working on developing the far side of the river. The Manager of Townscape needs to hire a manager that will assist him in making this project more meaningful and this way help him to work upon the image of the city also. Before starting a paper like this; it is mandatory to look into the aspects related to the City. //

In the City of Townscape, the current scenario is that the city manager finds that city bidding is being carried out for the erection of the new river crossing. This task requires hiring the manager for working on this project. The project is considered to be much crucial in enhancing the city's image. The other possibility says that, if the manager adopts the internal analysis, then, the city will lose this golden chance for executing this contract. The project is significant for ...

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