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    The City of Townscape has been experiencing a much accelerated growth trend. The City Manager has turned to you, a city council member, to identify the other possible government agencies that would be affected by Townscape's decisions discussed in the scenario. Explain what the issues are to each of these government entities affected. Address what steps Townscape will need to make to meet the needs of these government agencies and why these steps are necessary. Lastly, discuss how Townscape should respond to these concerns.

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    // The City of Townscape is going through an extensive planning phase as it is experiencing an accelerated growth pattern. A number of decisions have been taken by the city government to continue this growth trend. In view of this situation, we would discuss the case analysis wherein we resolve the major issues associated with it. But first, we have to start with a brief introduction in order to approach a paper like this: //

    Decision making in public administration is an arduous task as it involves consideration of a number of factors. A small decision taken by the city government can have a magnanimous impact on the various government as well as private institutions. The city of Townscape is experiencing an increased growth rate. Although there is significant growth of the community in the last five years, but it has been limited to single family residential housing. The city does not have any developed ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 640 words with references.