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Application of US Ethical Standards Worldwide

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Are U. S. ethical standards applicable worldwide? Explain your answer and provide examples. What are the consequences of failure to incorporate ethical considerations into global planning?

Name the factors that may contribute to the global business failure of an organization? How might a global organization protect itself against a global business failure?

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The response discusses how applicable US ethical standards are to business in other countries before listing factors that contribute to global business failure. 623 words with references.

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U.S. Ethical Standards

U.S. Ethical standards are not applicable worldwide. It is due to the reason that the cultural and ethical framework of different countries, also differs. There is a non- existence of specified US standards that are applicable universally, due to the differences in the value system of the other countries existing in the global environment. It is not possible to assess the value system of other countries on the basis of US ethical framework. The differences between the set of ethical standards can be assessed by analyzing the ethical framework of US, Arab countries, European and Asian countries. The norms and values of the global countries have remarkable differences due to the cultural diversity. For example, the European Companies have strong orientation towards the social and environmental responsibility of business than the US Companies (O'Grady, 2007).

The incorporation of ethical considerations into the global planning is essential from the success of the business perspective. There exist various consequences of failure to incorporate ethical considerations ...

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