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    Details: The City of Townscape has had an increasingly difficult time attracting and retaining qualified department heads and other high level city employees. For many years there has been a fifteen mile radius residency requirement. The City Manager would like you, the city council member, to consider the issues that should be addressed with regard to a residency policy. Should the city abolish the residency requirement to attract qualified candidates? What are some of the political concerns as well as the human resource issues when deciding to make such a change?

    In addition, review Townscape's overall current situation as outlined in the scenario. What are some of the immediate concerns that should be addressed by the City Council or City Manager? Should the City Manager call for a workshop of all of the council members to get direction of the future? What about the comprehensive plan? What are the responsibilities of the council members?

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    //First of all, we will discuss the issues related to the residency policy of the City of Townscape. In the issues, we will include all the problems that may affect the growth of the city.

    Issues related to the residency policy

    There are various issues, which should be considered with regards to a residency policy. The residency policy should be appropriate for the existing citizens and should also be according to the city budget. It is because; the additional demand of the new consumers could not be fulfilled by the current city budget (Schram, Soss & Fording, 2003). The residency policy ought to be helpful to develop the city and its infrastructure. The city manager should also address the requirement of its residents and should plan properly. The properly planned residency policy would be helpful to meet the requirement of the growing community.

    //After discussing the issues related to the residency policy, now, we will discuss the political and human resource issues, which may be caused because of the abolishment of the residency policy.

    Abolishment of residency requirements

    There is the fifteen mile radius residency requirement in the City of Townscape. It is causing a decrease in the growth rate as lack of ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 834 words with references.