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    Managers vs. Leaders in Global Expansion

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    Differentiate management's role from leadership's role in deciding the most appropriate area for global expansion. As the chief information officer, how would you meld the two roles?

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    When we differentiate rolls, we have to consider the main function of each of those roles in the workplace. In this instance, we are differentiating between management and leadership, specifically in the area of global expansion. When we expand globally, there is a list that continues to grow, of events that must be conducted before, during, and after any type of global expansion. The coordination of these events alone is enormous. Management's responsibilities within the global expansion environment are typically the largest responsibilities. Management must ensure that all proper analyses are carried out, that all global conditions are continually monitored, particularly in areas where the company plans ...

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    This solution explains the difference between management's role from leadership's role in regards to global expansion. This discussion is from the point of view of a Chief Information Officer.