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    Manager vs. Leader

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    Can a good manager be a good leader?

    Can a manager be a leader?

    Can a leader be a manager?

    What is more important for leading/managing change: being a good leader or being a good manager?

    What is more important to a business, good managers or good leaders?

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    Let's take a closer look through discussion and example.

    1. Can a good manager be a good leader?

    A good manager can also be a good leader, if s/he has the characteristics and qualities of being a good leader, in addition to effective management skills. However, some great managers struggle with change and fail to be great leaders, while a great leader might fail to create a sense of stability in an organization and not measure up as a manager. For example, HBS professor David Thomas points out that "increasingly, the people who are the most effective are those who essentially are both managers and leaders." http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/2141.html

    2. Can a manager be a leader?

    This question is addressing the larger question of whether a leader is born ...

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