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    Leaders, Power, Politics and Conflicts

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    Would you help me with the following?

    * Characterize managers and leaders as well as differences between them.
    * How are their qualities affected by on-line environments?
    * Which of them are changing and into what direction?
    * Which seem to be relatively stable?
    * Can you make predictions about future development?

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    Managers and leaders can be considered similar in many ways, but they are terms that although related are very different. A manager is a person that oversees and controls the production, processes, tasks, schedules and resources of the group or department within the company. A leader meanwhile is a person that possesses natural qualities that enables them to motivate people to follow him or her, and be able to have those people loyal to his or her side. A manager can be or cannot be a good leader, and conversely a leader can or cannot be a good manager. Companies always look for their employees to have good leadership qualities for the different high-level positions, such as team leaders, supervisors and senior personnel. For these types of people to start to become managers, they must possess management qualities to be able to handle the whole department and be able to have their respective departments productive. So in essence, a leader to be able to rise from the lower level to greater heights must be able to show management qualities and be able to fully control large groups within the company, while a manager to become a successful, effective, and get promoted to higher positions one must become a good leader to have a strong support of the administration of the company and his subordinates from the department or group. In different cases, a person with good leadership qualities emerges better ...

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