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Organization Behavior - Organizational Theory: Balancing power among stakeholders

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Why is it important to maintain a balance of power between different groups of organizational stakeholders?

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In this paper, we will discuss about stakeholders of an organization. We will also explain the importance of maintaining a balance of power between different groups of organizational stakeholders. The paper will be helpful in learning about the importance of balancing of power between different groups of organization stakeholders. The response addresses the queries posted in 426 words with a reference.

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Organizational stakeholders:

Stakeholders are the most important part of an organization. The stakeholders are persons, institutions, communities, groups, etc., which have any type of interest in the organization. An organization cannot think of its survival without the existence of its stakeholders because they are directly or indirectly involved in the business activities of an organization. They help to achieve financial objectives of the organization. Stakeholders can be found inside and outside the organization. Organizational stakeholders include shareholders or owners, creditors, directors, employees, government ...

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