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    Steward Manager vs. Servant Leader

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    •How is the steward-manager similar to the concept of a servant-leader? How would the steward-manager fare in the global business world?

    •Should ethics be situational-based? Should there be different morals for dealing with different customers, clients, colleagues, or employees? What if the culture you are dealing with has morals that are different from your own? Defend your answers.

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    The steward manager is similar to the concept of a servant leader, due to the fact that similar to the servant leader the steward manager essentially serves others, by managing the affairs of the individual or individuals that they have been employed by. In addition, the many different duties that a steward manager performs may include very important duties performed on the behalf of their employers, that require more sacrifice than ...

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    The expert determines how steward-manager is similar to the concept of a servant-leader.