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Servant Leadership: Weaknesses

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I need some information on the weaknesses of servant leadership. Please indicate references. No blogs are allowed.

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There are some serious weaknesses of servant leadership. Servant leadership means sharing of power, putting the needs of others first and helping people develop and perform as highly as possible (a). In business, servant leadership does not align with business structure nor does it address the objectives of business. Further, productivity and performance are required in business but these take a back seat when the main objective of servant leadership is to support the interests of employees.

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There is lack of authority in servant leadership and this harms the interests of the management function. In several situations, within a short period of time considerable work has to be done in an orchestrated manner. In business, the leader (manager) often has all the information and he is in the best position to tell, describe, and order how things are to be done if the business objectives are to be achieved (b). Where ...

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This solution explains criticism of servant leadership. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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