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    characteristics of servant leadership

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    Write about a leader that observed who demonstrate the characteristics of servant leadership:
    1) Describe the leaders' stated attitudes/values.
    2) Describe the leaders' behaviors/actions that have been observed.
    3) Identify the areas these leaders focused on that demonstrated how they served employees, other stakeholders, community and society. Based on these areas of focus identify the impact these behaviors and actions in these areas of service have had on the organization, in terms of its performance and its contribution to the greater good.

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    The servant leader is one that cares about the needs of others. Blanchard, Senge and Covey used the concept of the servant leadership theory and identified these ideas to purpose that a good leader would be an excellent follower. Deming also used this concept with his writing on team theory. This theory is an idea for the leader to train her managers to have the skills to lead. The managers have the power to make decisions and work in teams to build their strengths and to work on their weaknesses. With these traits, the leader can identify staff members and better understand their ...

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    This solution thoroughly demonstrates basic characteristics of servant leadership, using research to verify.