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    Servant Leardership

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    Identify two of the servant leadership characteristics. Synthesize how a leader can use these two principles, as well as collaboration, to influence individuals, your selected discipline or vocation, and organizations to make a contribution to society. What areas could leaders focus on, personally and through their organizations and disciplines or vocations, to make an impact and improve society?

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    Scholars agree on many characteristics that are key to servant leadership. Here are a couple: foresight, self-awareness, persuasion, empathy, stewardship, and listening.

    For the purpose of your question, I will focus on collaboration (which is mentioned in your question), as well as self-awareness and persuasion.

    Self-awareness involves that the leader is aware of how his own and his organization's actions affect others, both positively and negatively. In order to improve society, one must first be honest about what the current situation is ...

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    This solution of 347 words identifies the characteristics of servant leadership and gives recommendations on how a leader can use the two principles. It also includes an article reference.