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Servant Leadership's Impact on Results

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Conduct research on the topic of impact of servant leadership on results. Find two articles or references that report research that demonstrated the impact of servant leadership on results. Identify the search terms you used to find your two articles or references. Describe the impacts realized. Provide 2 references.

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Greenleaf (1977) described servant leadership in this manner: "Leadership was bestowed upon a man who was by nature a servant. It was something given, or assumed that could be taken away. His servant nature was the real man, no bestowed, not assumed, and not to be taken away."
You are a servant leader, according to Barbuto, et al (2007) if "you are willing to sacrifice your own self-interest for the good of the group, when you want to hear peoples' ideas and will value them, understand what is happening in their lives, and have a strong awareness for what is going on".

Search terms used: [studies on impact of servant leadership, servant leadership]

Studies on the impact of servant leadership:

1.) A study on how servant leadership affects team potency and ultimately team performance through the goal setting process was conducted and came with the following result (Simmons, 2011):
A study involved 570 employees and 80 upper level managers representing 95 separate teams showed that team potency leads to team performance. The findings showed that "servant leadership was found to directly affect both ...

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This discussion briefly describes the studies on servant leadership conducted by Irving and Longbotham (2007), Vanderpyl (2012), and Simmons (2011). These studies also show how servant leadership impacted people's lives.