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    Leadership VS Management and Leaders as motivators.

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    Leadership VS Management and Leaders as motivators. You may include graphs, data, photographs, and other information as needed.

    Leaders as motivators
    Leadership VS Management

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    Leadership VS Management and Leaders as Motivators

    Leaders as Motivators:

    To motivate someone involves the act of getting someone moving. Leaders within different contexts have an obligation of ensuring that their followers are always motivated when it comes to the different activities that they are involved in carrying out. A transformational leader is known to harness human motivation as a core competency unlike the managers who tend to utilize their authority over their subordinates to ensure that work and activities are carried out as expected (Curtis & O'Connell, 2011).

    A great leader who is expected to motivate its followers has to have the quality of vision. All leaders are expected to have a vision as this is the quality which draws a line between the leaders and the followers. Having a vision enables the leaders to succeed in their actions of motivating their followers. For leaders to motivate others, they first have to motivate themselves. ...

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    Leadership versus management and leaders as motivators are examined.