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    Management and Leadership: Defining the Relationship

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    Consider the two individuals in the following scenario:
    Roger works for a business software firm and is passionate about his work. He is committed to delivering high-quality software solutions on schedule. He maintains a precise and accurate project schedule with meticulously detailed documentation of product design specifications and processes. Roger's subordinates never have to guess about expectations. When the rigorous quality assurance process uncovers a problem, Roger can proceed largely unfazed. He knows the capabilities of the developers on his team so well that he knows exactly who to assign to fix the issue. He is quick to offer encouragement and guidance when needed. Roger's team is productive and happy.
    Linda works at the same company as Roger. She closely monitors industry trends. She is watching the rapid rise of mobile computing and sees competitors introducing new mobile applications with rapid speed. The company has yet to attempt to design software for a mobile platform, but she knows that the company can be competitive in the industry if it makes changes quickly. She is working hard to gain support from members of the executive board and is planning a kickoff meeting for the employees to announce their entry into the new market. She wants to make certain they see the change as a great opportunity and know that training will be available. She already has the company's first mobile project and an ideal timetable in mind. She is anxious to hit the ground running.
    What are the roles of the individuals in the above scenarios? Are they managers, leaders, or both? What distinguishes management from leadership and managers from leaders? The nature of the relationship between leadership and management remains a topic of debate among scholars. The debate provides insight into the definition of leadership and offers a suitable avenue for beginning an in-depth exploration of the topic of leadership.

    Consider the similarities and differences between leadership and management
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    What are the roles of the individuals in the above scenarios? Are they managers, leaders, or both?

    Both of the individuals in the scenarios are leaders and managers. They have a role in which to manage their department, such as software or industry trends in the marketplace. In regards to leaders, Roger and Linda are doing high quality work through their given work tasks, which makes them leaders in their field. Their leadership styles may appear slightly different as one is more of a situational leader (Roger), and the other is a servant leader (Linda). Regardless, these individuals are impacting their company for the positive by means of helping the company excel in all they do for the markets they serve on a regular basis.

    What distinguishes management from leadership and managers from leaders?

    Now the differences between a leader and a manager or management from leadership are important; although, they are quite similar in many ways. With a manager, he or she ...

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