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Performance Management Systems - HR

Review the document titled "Job Analysis-Based Performance Appraisal," in order to respond to the following question.

What are the major purposes of a performance management system? How do these purposes connect in critical ways with training and development, compensation strategy, and the overall organizational mission and vision of the organization?


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The major purposes of a performance management system include monitoring individual employee performance, which will assist an organization in defining potential areas (whether by division, such as production, or a job category like customer service) which need improvement. When those in the supervisory role utilize a job analysis-based performance valuation system, they have a standard performance criteria for which every employee is measured against. In theory, this system should remove personal bias. For example, in a customer service call center, the job analysis may have a standard of "clearing customer calls" within five minutes and having an average customer rating of no ...

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This solution provides several sound reasons why organizations should have a performance management system. In one example, the job analysis-based system is discussed, and how its standardized criteria defining how the job is to be performed helps to alleviate "personal bias" when evaluating employees. There is also a detailed discussion on how performance management is used for compensation strategy, employee training and development, along with fulfilling organization mission/vision.