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    Effectiveness of performance management systems

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    Assignment of journal analysis, It is due on September-7th (this Saturday).

    I need only a brief summary or bullet points and some of your conclusion, around 500-600 words with references (the assignment requires 800 words). If you have any request particularly about credits, please do feel free to contact me, and I need your assistance ASAP. Thank you so much!

    ----------------------------------------- Here is the question -----------------------------------
    1. Evaluate the findings of the authors in regards to changes in the design, implementation, and effectiveness of performance management systems since earlier studies were conducted.
    2. Analyze the claims of the authors in relation to the level of satisfaction, the training of users, and the involvement of employees with performance management systems.
    3. Support your argument with evidence from the study and other real examples where possible.

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    *my comments are prefaced by asterisks, please remove them from your final paper. Any references that you use should be cited per APA 6th edition (http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/), and the references themselves should be moved to the bottom of the paper. There is way more than 800 words here, but when you cut them down to the basics, your paper will be informative, what your teacher wants, and awesome.

    Performance management

    The article "Performance Management - Theory in Practice?" discusses an extensive study that took place that evaluated performance management techniques.

    Its main purposes were:
    1. to update findings from earlier studies,
    2. to ascertain current levels of use and satisfaction, and
    3. to determine whether performance management has become a more effective
    strategic tool in the human resource management repertoire.

    The findings suggest, as in earlier studies, that the use of, and satisfaction with performance management systems remain problematic, although there are some indications that the increasing integration of the balanced scorecard within these systems appears to encourage more strategic links between individual, group, and organizational outcomes, as espoused by strategic human resource management theorists. (Nankervis, A., 2006, p 1)

    Balanced scorecard:
    Definition of 'Balanced Scorecard': A performance metric used in strategic management to identify and improve
    various internal functions and their resulting external outcomes. The balanced scorecard attempts to measure and provide feedback to organizations in order to assist in implementing strategies and objectives.

    Investopedia explains 'Balanced Scorecard'
    This management technique isolates four separate areas that need to be analyzed: (1) learning and growth, (2) business processes, (3) customers, and (4) finance. Data collection is crucial to providing quantitative results,
    which are interpreted by managers and executives and used to make better long-term decisions.

    "The Balanced Scorecard is a framework to translate an organization's strategy into terms that could be understood, communicated, and acted upon. It is therefore not a Management Control System, but a Strategic Management System," -David P. Norton, SAP White Paper on Balanced Scorecard, 1999 (The HR Balanced Scorecard, p 13)

    The Corporate Challenges: Implementing Business Strategy

    Strategy execution throughout the enterprise:
    -Translate Strategy into action
    -Understand the enterprise strategy
    -Derive and implement an HR strategy
    -Ensure that HR activities are in the interest of the whole enterprise
    -Make results measurable
    -Demonstrate the HR contribution to added value
    (The HR Balanced Scorecard, p 15)

    Performance management definition:
    Human resources performance management includes activities to ensure that goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. Performance management can focus on performance of the organization, a
    department, processes to build a product or service, employers, etc.

    *connecting the teacher's questions with the authors' purpose statements

    1) Evaluate the findings of the authors in regards to changes in the design, implementation, and effectiveness of performance management systems since earlier studies were conducted. Authors' purpose: 1. to update findings from earlier ...

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