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    Feb 2013
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    • MEd, Grand Canyon University, 2013
    • MBA, University of Phoenix, 2006


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    Administrative and teaching experience with education and municipal personnel, college deans and department heads, with a profound desire to encourage excellence in young students. MBA with e-commerce concentration, MEd in Elementary Education, CT Certified Instructor, Tutor and Article Writer.

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    The Battle Between Amazon and Barnes & Noble

    I need help with the following question after reviewing the followings articles related to recent developments in book retailing.

    Trachtenberg, J. A. (2014, Feb 27). Corporate news: Barnes & noble posts profit as digital device sales tumble. Wall Street Journal.
    Gelles, D. (2014, Feb 22). Barnes READ MORE »

    Business / Marketing » 586958

    Exploring Innovation in Action: Power to the People - Lifeline Energy

    How could you reconcile the social agenda - make radios freely available - with the commercial challenges of running a business? What problems do you think Freeplay/Lifeline Energy face in trying to sustain the business?


    Exploring Innovation in Action: Power to the People - READ MORE »

    Business / Business Management » 551895

    New Concept Development at Philips Case

    CASE STUDY 9: New Concept Development at Philips

    Philips has a proud history of innovation and has been responsible for launching several 'new to the world' product categories, like X-ray tubes in its early days, the Compact Cassette in the 1960s followed by the Compact Disc in the 1980s, and mo READ MORE »

    Business / Business Management » 552231

    Employment Law: Writing to HR Department

    Imagine a simulated scenario in which you will make a presentation to your HR Department in preparation for a move by the employees to introduce collective bargaining into your company. Without taking a pro or con position, prepare an objective "brief sheet" summarizing background information about READ MORE »

    Business / Business Law » 550595

    Effectiveness of performance management systems

    Assignment of journal analysis, It is due on September-7th (this Saturday).

    I need only a brief summary or bullet points and some of your conclusion, around 500-600 words with references (the assignment requires 800 words). If you have any request particularly about credits, please do feel free t READ MORE »

    Business / Business Management » 554862
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