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Quadrant III Grand Matrix Strategies

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Using a Grand Strategy Matrix approach, what strategies are recommended for a firm that is a weak competitor in a slow-growing market? Elaborate on what these strategies could mean for a college or university.

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This is a discussion of the Grand Matrix Strategies that businesses use that have a slow market growth and a weak competitive position.

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The grand strategy matrix is a structured outline of procedures that a business could perform if it finds itself in one of four competition environments: 1) Quadrant I - rapid market growth and strong competitive position; 2) Quadrant II - rapid market growth and weak competitive position; 3) Quadrant III - slow market growth and weak competitive position; and 4) slow market growth and strong competitive position.

Quadrant III, which is slow market growth and weak competitive position, represents the most difficult of the environments in terms of business success. Four strategies that could be used by a business in that position is retrenchment, related unrelated diversification, conglomerate diversification and liquidation divestiture.

Retrenchment is used to reduce the ...

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