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    Grand Strategy Matrix

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    Complete a grand strategy matrix for a chosen organization using the Grand Strategy Matrix Template linked below.
    Compare whether the organization's strategies are aligned with the relevant quadrant strategies, and write a half-page summary on the differences and changes you identify. Make recommendations for changes to the organization's strategy based on your observations.

    Evaluates whether the selected organization is in a weak or strong competitive position.
    Analyzes whether the market growth rate is rapid or slow.
    Analyzes whether an organization's strategy is aligned with the relevant quadrant strategies.
    Analyzes whether an organization's strategy is aligned with the relevant quadrant strategies.

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    For Instructional Purpose. I am completing the grand strategy matrix for a new restaurant business - Savory Restaurant (SR). You can use a newly established organization of your choice for the same scenario. To be logical about the assignment, I will use a comprehensive illustration. The Grand Strategy is towards the end of the paper, but will make logical sense after reading from the beginning.

    Before establishing a grand strategy, an organization needs to have a vision, mission, SWOT and long-term objective to align its grand strategy with. Therefore, I will supply necessary information before proceeding with the grand strategy.

    To obtain a successful strategic plan outcome, an organization must have a vision, mission, and conduct a SWOT analysis (Pearce & Robinson, 2013, p. 164). SR's vision will indicate its purpose and goals, its mission will illustrate the path to achieving its purpose and goals, and SWOT analysis will in determining the status of its strengths and weaknesses. SR plans to sell healthy food and drink. SR plans to establish its operation in Lawrenceville, Ga because our research indicates there competitors of restaurant foods in the area, but not too many of them serve healthy (organic) food and drinks. Surveillance of an organization's external environment is necessary in taking advantage of favorable market conditions (opportunities) and establishing a contingency plans for hazards (threats). Long-term objectives are necessity for an organization's growth. Strategic option and decision will help an organization to create a realistic pathway to achieving its vision, mission, and long-term goals (Finance, 2015, p. 1). This paper will discuss strategic options that are applicable to SR.

    Vision Statement

    We exist to transform customer's experience in our community.

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to serve fresh, savory and exceptional healthy food and drinks of remarkable quality to customers. Our staffs are among the best in the community. They will employ our proprietary training methods in providing distinguished customer service. We promise to treat our patrons, staff members, and vendors with topmost ethical behavior.

    SWOT ...

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