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    Analyze Strategic Options for Eastman Kodak

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    Identify the best value discipline, generic strategy or combination of generic strategies for Eastman Kodak.

    Analyze strategic options for Eastman Kodak with the three matrices in Pearce & Robinson (Exh. 6.2, 8.10 and 8.11).

    a. Summarizes the vision and mission statements, SWOT results and long-term objectives, modified as you wish from previous (no justification is required).

    b. Presents your conclusions and justification from each Pearce & Robinson matrix

    c. Recommends a grand strategy or combination of grand strategies which the Eastman Kodak should implement, and justify your recommendations as described in Note on strategic plans.

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    Eastman Kodak Company: Strategic Analysis


    Strategic analysis helps the company to analyze their strengths and weakness and explore the opportunities in order to establish an effective plan for the market. This paper discusses the strategic analysis of Eastman Kodak Company in order to develop strategic plan in the future.

    Mission and Vision

    According to the mission statement, Eastman Kodak is planning to grow in the market and create competitive advantage over its competitors by providing best customers solutions, which help them to capture, store, process output and communicate images anywhere and anytime in the world (Kodak, 2011). Company has six different key values such as dignity of individual, upholds uncompromising integrity, give and receive unquestionable trust, prove and maintain constant credibility, recognize and celebrate achievements and support for continual improvement and personal replacement. With the help of these six key values, company drive its competitive advantage by delivering differentiated and cost effective solution within the time and with flawless quality to the customers (Kodak, 2011).

    "The vision of Eastman Kodak is to be a world class company and a leading imaging company in protecting the quality of environment and the health and safety of customers, employees and communities in which company operates its business" (Kodak, 2011).

    SWOT Analysis of Eastman Kodak

    On the basis of SWOT analysis of Eastman Kodak, it is found that company has a good strength of its brand name in the market that helps and drives the company to create huge investments in R&D. It is also found that company focuses on innovation that helps in producing new and attracting products for the customers. Another strength is that company focuses on internet marketing that help to increase its customer base in international market (Bateman & Snell, 2008).

    According to SWOT analysis of company, it is also found that company does not have good communication channels that create the problem in providing customer services in effective way. Company also has the poor supply chain network that creates the problem for the company to supply products and services at right time to the customers. In the analysis of opportunity of company, it is evaluated that company can use its resources in better way to produce innovative products for the customers (Festen & Philbin, 2007). Company also has the opportunity to increase its market share in new and emerging markets. SWOT analysis ...

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