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    External Environment Analysis: Eastman Kodak

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    External Environment Analysis

    Under the leadership of CEO Perez, will Eastman Kodak succeed in managing its external environment?

    As you may know, Eastman Kodak has been losing its market share, as photography has undergone revolutionary technological changes. In this case, we are going to examine how Eastman Kodak has been adapting to these changes, and has even been diversifying into other markets.

    Case Instructions:

    Visit the Kodak Eastman, and learn as much as you can from the company's website (including its mission statement).

    Please be sure to perform a critical analysis of the environment applying Porter's Five Forces Model.
    Please make sure to also examine elements of the macroenvironment.
    Please evaluate how Eastman Kodak has managed its environment.
    Please identify threats and opportunities in the environment, and make recommendations - how should the company address them?
    Write a five page paper, answering Case question. Analyze critically!

    This module is about external analysis. The case asks you to perform an analysis of Eastman Kodak's external environment, using Porter's Five Force Model, in addition to a macroenvironmental analysis. These analyses are the focus of your paper. Based on them, you can argue whether Kodak will succeed or not.

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