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    Organizational strategy

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    1.) Identify and describe Eastman Kodak's key stakeholders. What is their influence on strategy?

    2.) Indentify and describe Eastman Kodak's key reosurces and capabilities.

    3.) Idnetify and describe Eastman Kodak's organizational structure and management systems.

    4.) Make an initial assessment of the degree to which core business funcitons are designed to enhance organizaitonal knowledge and capabilities that enable Kodak to create a sustained competitive advantage in the digital imaging industry; are there gaps or conflicts.

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    1.) The key stakeholders of Eastman Kodak are its employees, the management, its shareholders, its lenders, and its customers. The influence of the employees was that their skills were assessed to develop the strategy of Eastman Kodak. Besides, the reason Eastman Kodak was modified was to support the fixed costs of supporting the workforce. The management played the decision making role in the strategy formation. The management made decisions based on the core competencies of Eastman Kodak, the business environment, the technological environment, and the needs of the customers. The lenders influenced the strategies in compelling Eastman Kodak to increase its profitability. Even when Eastman Kodak went for Chapter 11, it was the lenders that provided the financial support required to survive. The customers played the most important part in the formation of Eastman Kodak strategy. The customers changed over to new technology and to newer products forcing Eastman Kodak either to innovate or to close down. It was the needs of the customers ...

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