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    Organizational Structure, Leadership, or Cultural Factors

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    (1) In my experience, the single most frustrating part of working in Corporate America is the frequent lack of a coherent long-term strategy.
    My existing organization lives and dies based on quarterly earnings reports. The senior management becomes totally fixated on delivering the "numbers" three to four weeks before the end of each financial quarter. If sales or earnings are trending off of forecast, incredible gyrations occur to manipulate the final results enough to avoid an embarrassing Wall Street report. As the old saying goes, the "baby is typically thrown out with the bath water" during this period and anything requiring your time and resources comes to a screeching halt.


    (1) Using the above example or one of your own, come up with a strategy to deal with this potentially destructive impact to your ability to manage timetables and resources

    (2) Which of the following considerations are most often neglected when implementing a strategy: organizational structure, leadership, or cultural factors? Defend your position.

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    Comprehensive Organizational strategy:

    It is important to have a coherent long-term strategy in the organization that will guarantee the organization a secured future. This is the kind of strategy to effectively manage organizational time table and the resources. The strategy that will create the above positive effects in the organization should it be flexible to incorporate the necessary changes that the organization experiences. The strategy ought to be inclusive of the vision, mission and the values statements of the company. Organizational policies, practices and the procedures that govern the corporation are to be accommodated in an ...

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    The solution discusses which is neglected when implementing a strategy between organizational structure, leadership or cultural factors.