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    Effect of Cultural Factors on Strategic Knowledge Management

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    What is the effect of cultural factors on on Starbucks' strategic knowledge management (infringement actions, federal laws, organizational structure, etc)?

    Please include references.

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    Strategic Knowledge Management is a process by which an organization constructs, captivates, acquires and makes use of knowledge to affirm and improve the functioning of the organization. The processes of knowledge management can be generally distinguished as comprising of knowledge creation activities and knowledge convey activities (Hurley & Green, 2005). The use of strategic knowledge management has grown because of the notion that the creation and transmit of knowledge is crucial to long-term organizational effectiveness and meeting organisational goals. Culture of an organization is the values, beliefs and a framework by which it is decided how goals would be accomplished (Schein, 2004).

    The process of strategic knowledge management is not independent as it is influenced by numerous factors in which one prominent factor is cultural factors (O'Sullivan, 2007). This could also be understood with an example of Starbuck's. The company's strategic knowledge management (infringement actions, federal laws, organizational structure, etc.) is significantly influenced by its ...

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