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    Strategic Planning

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    One key point about strategic planning for a global venture is that it requires change in the firm! The more you know and understand about change management, the higher probability of success.

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    //Before writing for this query, you must be aware of the concept of 'Change Management' and its importance in domestic, as well as, the global environment. I would like to guide you on this query by defining what change management is and how it assists a company to deal with international conditions. //

    Importance of Change Management for a Global Venture

    The term 'change' refers to the modification in the current working environment in an organization. It assists in forming a new equilibrium between various components of an organization such as technology, structural arrangement, people, job design, etc. Organizational change is a continuous process and there are several internal & external factors, which are very important for necessitating the organizational change. ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 502 words.