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    strategic planning and financial planning

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    Using the Barnes & Noble organization, prepare a 500 to 600-word paper in which you describe the relationship between strategic planning and financial planning. In the paper, be sure to address the following: About Barnes & Noble

    a. Describe a strategic planning initiative for Barnes & Noble organization and identify a strategic initiative discussed in the organization's annual report.

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    Barnes and Noble is the top book seller in the United States. The company sells books via its nationwide chain of retail stores as well as over the internet. The company also has its own publishing division and has also recently acquired an e-book company.

    Strategic planning and financial planning are closely related to each other. Strategic planning is a broader activity that encompasses the entire organization whereas financial planning is concerned with managing finances of the organization. As finance is the lifeblood of any organization, we can say that financial and strategic planning goes hand in hand or in other words, financial planning is one of the most important components of the overall strategic planning of an organization.

    Financial planning helps in allocating the ...

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    Barnes & Noble: describe the relationship between strategic planning and financial planning