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    Effect of company's capital structure on strategic financial planning

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    I need to write an analysis of the effect of a company's capital structure on strategic financial planning and how it affects risk

    We are using Boeing as a guide for our created company. The company name is TAB, Inc

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    Impact of Capital Structure on Strategic Financial Planning

    Capital structure can be described as the way, through which corporations finances its assets or projects. The capital structure is the composition of equity debt or hybrid securities. The capital structure helps to determine the owner's capital and borrower's capital in the total financing. The strategic financial planning is related to the increase in firm's value and reduction in cost of capital. The strategic financial planning of an organization includes several components such as monitoring the recent trends in demand and expenditures, gathering the information about cost and cost drivers, forecasting the future financial needs, budget setting etc. The strategic financial planning is made on the basis of past financial information (Stages of Financial Planning, 2006). TAB Inc. includes equity and debt in its capital structure in order to fulfill its financial needs.

    Impact of Capital ...

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    The effects of a company's capital structure on strategic financial planning is examined.