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Adapting Strategic Plans

Morrisey suggests (many times) that strategic planning should be molded to fit an organizations situation. In other words, not all firms may necessarily need to put equal weight on all three phases of strategic planning; strategic thinking, long-range planning and tactical planning. Under what conditions might strategic thinking be found to be more useful for a firm in its strategic planning process than the other two?

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Management must still be free to think outside the box, synthesize insight, and rely on experiences from other situations. In another article by George L. Morrisey (1993) he offers that no plan is an island. Strategic planners have the propensity to formalize, predetermine, and adapt a certain detachment, which can on the long term negatively affect commitment for the internal doers of strategic implementation (Mintzberg, 1994).

Changes occur all the time; economic chaos, market shifts, catastrophic events, and strategic thinking must be allowed to take precedent, and allowed to work with an adaptable framework, that can conform to changing ...

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