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Long-Term Incentive Plans & Strategic Goals

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Please provide an example how long term incentive plans have helped a company meet their strategic goals. Explain whether or not you believe most long term incentives are attainable.

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Companies who offer stock option plans help employees focus on the success of organization, thus boosting stock prices. Another example is the greeter at Walmart being incentivized to be friendly (or ...

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THis solution provides an example of how long-term incentive plans have helped a company meet their strategic plans.

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Strategic employee training

PLEASE any kind of help will do. Backed up on classwork need some help on this, though I would be able to get to it in time. I have questions 5 and 6 done if someone could do 1-4 please. Had to get back to another assignment due tonite.
Deliverable Length: 5-7 slides with speaker notes of 200-250 words per slide (excluding title and reference slides) Due Date: 2/23/2015
Defining the strategic approach to employee training and development allows organizations to align training and development to overall organizational success. Organizations may provide minimal training for job-specific skills or they may opt for a wide range of training and development opportunities to foster human talent development and ties to succession planning.
Research the purposes and approaches to strategic training and development decisions, and address the following:
1. Define the strategic nature of employee training and development.
2. What criteria might an organization use to determine a strategy regarding employee training and development?
3. Explain the difference between a small family-owned business and a multinational company in their approach to strategic training and development for employees.
4. Analyze the relationship between training and development, succession planning, and organizational success.
5. Why is multicultural/diversity training important in organizations
6. What are some legal considerations (employment laws and labor laws) managers must consider in selecting staff for training and development opportunities
You must include a minimum of 2 scholarly references.

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