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Google's Global impact on strategic knowledge management

Examine the affect of cultural, global, and legal factors on that organization's strategic knowledge management (infringement actions, federal laws, organizational structure, etc.) on Google's Global impact on strategic knowledge management.

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Global Impact on Strategic Knowledge Management

Cultural Impact

Cultural factors affect the organizational structure and strategies of the organizations. Google is the largest search engine and USA origin firm (Martin). At the same time, it is also true that culture of USA and other countries influences the strategic knowledge management practices of Google, because the services of this search engine are availed by global users for information collection. Organizational structure of Google is flat to share knowledge. The company has bureaucratic structure due the impact of its USA culture. In 2005, the company hired two important persons for managing technology and sales and development departments in China that assisted it to ensure the alignment of its strategic knowledge management practices effectively in China (Martin). This was a great decision took by Google that also modified the current organizational structure of the company in a positive manner. This assisted the search engine to get rid of the reduced market share and adapt to different Chinese culture. It can be argued on the basis of this data that ...

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Google's global impact on strategic knowledge management is examined. Infringement actions, federal laws and organizational structures are examined.