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Organization Behavior: Organizational Theory

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1. Sketch Google's organization chart. Analyze the organizational design. Is the organization design shown in your chart appropriate for Google? Why or why not? Include appropriate structure, design, culture and change criteria to justify your answer.

2. What type of global organization structure is Google using? In your opinion, is this the best choice? Why do you think so or not?

3. Would you be a fit with Google's organization culture? Explain your answer by identifying which Google values you also hold and which you do not hold.

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//In this paper, we will discuss about organizational chart of Google Inc. The paper will also include the analysis of proposed organizational chart and explain whether it is appropriate for Google or not. We will also discuss about the global organizational structure used by Google.//

Google is a renowned search engine. It is a multinational public corporation, which was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The headquarters of Google are in Mountain View, California. The CEO of Google is Eric Schmidt. Google offers faster and easy-to-use services to people, so that they can easily find pertinent information on Google (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009).

Organizational chart of Google:

Google has a unique organizational structure. Various shareholders are involved in this company. A dual-class voting structure for a particular public ownership of the company has been set for this company. Google is a large organization, in which more than 20,000 employees work. The analysis of above organizational design shows that Google is following a flat or hierarchical organizational structure. This flat or hierarchical organizational structure is maintained by implementing innovative management techniques and stellar leadership.

Google has a flat organizational design and employs almost 20,000 employees. It has four levels of hierarchy- 1st level consists of CEO and founders of the company. 2nd level consists of vice president, 3rd level consists of middle managers, such as HR, finance, marketing or product managers, etc. and 4th level consists of workers (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009).

Organization chart:

Flat or hierarchical organizational structure

20,000 employees

1st level:

CEO and founders of the company

2nd level:

Vice president

3rd level:

Middle managers such as HR, finance, marketing or product managers

4th level:


The organizational design, which is demonstrated in the above chart, is appropriate for Google, as this type of organizational ...

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