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    Literature Review on Organizational Behaviour Theories

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    Please, write a literature review to highlight how organizational behavioral theories apply to professional practice. The literature review should provide critical analysis and synthesis of the material. Remember that the best literature reviews will not only present information that supports the topic, but also provides sources that critiques or disagrees with the information. The review should include at least 3 credible professional or scholarly, peer-reviewed resources.

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    Organizational theories are the study of the organization to identify common problem and their solutions. These theories are vital in order to increase productivity and maximizing the efficiency of an organization. Organizational theories can be classified in three categories such as classical perspective, neoclassical perspective and environmental perspective. All the theories help in providing support to human resource management and organizational behavior. This paper will include a literature review to highlight the application of organizational theories and their professional practice. This will also synthesize the material through critical analysis of all organizational theories.

    Most people across the world are working with the organization and receiving income in return for their contribution. Organizational structure and their operations play a vital role in understanding the role of organizational behavior theories. Every organization structured through applying a proper plan is a combination of various efforts. It can not be evolved by chance nor structured through a random manner. The organizational behavioral theories are related with knowledge and experience that can be gained through collective effort.

    According to Griffin & Moorhead (2011), organization behavior refers to the study of individuals and dynamics of group in an organization. Organization is a group of people working together to achieve certain common objectives. Interaction between individuals working in an organization brings a variety of factors into play (Griffin & Moorhead, 2011). Various organizational theories help towards understanding the behavior of individuals working in the organization as well as the factors that are brought into play by their interaction.

    According to Taylor (2003), scientific ...

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    Detailed response to the query with references. Organizational theories are the study of the organization to identify common problem and their solutions.